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High Torque Sports, a division of Wilkinson Enterprises Inc. (WE, Inc.), was formed in 2009 to own, organize and produce what became the first ever Olympic Distance Triathlon in Orange County New York. The Orange County Triathlon (OCTri), is one of the most positive and celebrated sporting events in the Hudson Valley, and continues to attract participants from all over the country. We are currently planning our third year.

High Torque Sports is based in New York and Boston and specializes in creating and producing world class events. The company owns and operates three major sporting events in Orange County New York and is presently organizing a world class event in Boston. High Torque has plans to bring professional golf, tennis, lacrosse, concerts and other exciting events to these areas to establish and build on the list of major attractions.

The 3rd annual Orange County Triathlon, set for July 14, 2013, is highly anticipated. The OCTri has quickly gained the reputation as one of the top Olympic Distance triathlons on the east coast in safety and organization.

High Torque Sports is currently planning The Boston Triathlon for August 2014,a highly anticipated world class event to the city streets of Boston, MA. The Boston Triathlon in its inaugural year will join the likes of world-class events such as the Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas Triathlons. Wilkinson Enterprises/High Torque Sports, also organizes the Cornwall St. Luke’s Double Dash (5K, 10K road race), and the Cornwall 5K, 10K. These events are responsible for bringing thousands of participants, family and friends to the area from across the country.

High Torque Sports is based in Newburgh, New York and owned and operated by Neal J. Wilkinson. Neal and partner Jeff Vizethann have worked tirelessly together to bring quality races and create opportunities for athletes to achieve their personal best. The mission since its inception for the past 4 years has been to bring large scale sporting events to the New York Hudson Valley to increase tourism and economic development, including Orange County, by attracting and supporting athletes on a national and international level. We have successfully attracted athletes from 15 states and two countries including Los Angeles, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South America and Canada. These athletes have brought an average of six friends and family members to cheer them on and celebrate the event. These visitors stayed at our host hotel, ate at our local restaurants, shopped at our retail stores, and contributed to our rental car service and airport volume.

High Torque Sports is one stop shopping.

Comprehensive PlanningHigh Torque is experienced in planning a variety of events and is an all-inclusive agency whose skills include on-line registration, volunteer recruitment, budget management, media relations, operations, managing contractors & suppliers, and sponsorship activation. High Torque has a long history of strong partnerships with regional and city agencies & officials. High Torque was able to negotiate and achieve unprecedented closures of major parks, highways, and city streets.

Creativity: High Torque’s experience is in creating fresh and unique events. High Torque’s current events are recognized as distinctive for the memorable experience provided from conception to completion. High Torque Sports has the creativity to develop growth opportunities aligned with your goals and to exceed your needs. No one leaves a High Torque event without feeling inspired; whether an athlete, volunteer, spectator or sponsor, a great experience is shared by all.

Extraordinary Customer Service: High Torque prides itself in its ability to take any event and give it the special buzz and energy essential to become an established brand. High Torque does this by striving to provide a comfortable and stress free athlete experience from registration to the finish festival. High Torque gives big events a personal feel by creating a strong sense of community and spirit.

Bigger than Life: High Torque is passionate about events and has the entrepreneurial skill to grow and develop niche opportunities into worldwide brands. High Torque has the experience and ability to make high level connections with major city officials and commercial personalities. High Torque’s has many goals in mind, but none more clear than to create world class events that are profitable, memorable, and scalable. High Torque will reinforce your brand and take it to the next level. Under High Torque’s management, we can grow your brand and event while creating a warm sense of community, sponsorship, seamless operation, and increased participation.

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As a United States of America Triathlon (USAT) sanctioned event, The OCTri is able to join the ranks of other world class events located in large metropolitan cities such as those held in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and others. These events all bring an average of 10 million dollars to their host city annually.

High Torque Sports/WE, Inc. offers local coaching to residents of Orange County to strengthen public awareness of a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. High Torque Sports has also launched a school wide obesity campaign to help students of local schools become healthier eaters while having fun with sneaker pin-ups in the halls of their schools.

High Torque Sports/WE, Inc. offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise on their website which generates 12,000 hits per month on average. High Torque also promotes attractions in Orange County and the Hudson Valley, free of charge by providing links on our website to other resources and points of interest to tourists and visitors.